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Hello everyone, I have a cp1000 agfa whose revelator bath is too hot and the film is burned.I want the service manual thank you

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hi my all films get line when it passes through dryer. i already cleand every thing other than dryer as i can not open the dryer.can some one will tell me how to open the dryer i.e infrared dryer.

Tue Oct 13 2015

fluid levels

1 Answer

All of the processor fluids (water, fixer, developer) are running out way too fast. No leaks are seen... any troubleshooting ideas? Fluids are running low as fast as we fill them

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I am looking to replace the developer and water tanks in our processor. Both have developed cracks which are leading to corrosion underneath the tanks. I would also be interested in replacing the bottles, which are very stained. Re: the bottles: I was told that we were not to clean them with anything, but wonder if we could use bleach as long as it was rinsed out well after the cleaning. Thank you for any help.

4 Answers

On my CP1000 the replenishment pump motor is running, the belts & gears are fine and don't appear to be slipping, the pumps are turning, the impellers are fine, the vertical pipes are not obstructed, I opened the adjusting screws all the way open. The tanks are full. When the replenishment is requested, I can hear the speed increase yet no fluid is pumped up the vertical pipes and out. I have no replenishment, the system does not consume any chemistry. All 3 pumps behave the same. Can anyone tell me how fast the pumps/motor should be turning? I measured the pump drive gear with a digital tach: 93 RPM normal rate and about 200 RPM in replenishment. The manual says the speed should double which it does but I must assume I am not reaching the desired speed to move fluid. The speed is about the same with the tanks removed - so not a bad pump problem. Does anyone know what voltage should be seen at the motor? Appreciate any thoughts.

3 Answers

The films are not completely dry when they come out,. ... and have some scratches on them....comsistent with debris stuck to the rollers but machine was cleaned thoroughly so not sure where this coming from. thank you Cristina

2 Answers

How do you adjust the Developer and Fixer temp settings from the factory set default of 34 degrees C. I need to set these tempsto 30 degrees Cto process some film with the correct density.

Tue Dec 03 2013

cp1000 dryer heat

1 Answer

I have a cp 1000 with no dryer heat. It has voltage to dryer assemble, but is not heating.Is this typically theelements and how much are they? Mike Turner mike@radcoimaging.com

1 Answer

Bottles seem to be emptying way too fast. Seems to be going straight out the drain tube. Have replaced all 3 tank caps. No change? Why would it be using so much dveloper, fixer, and water? Just started doing this after tech removed trays for cleaning.Please help

1 Answer

AGFA CP 1000 film processor. Fluid level in all tray(tanks) too low. Replaced all 3 valves on replenisher bottles, no difference. Two different techs came out to fix, but couldn't. Tanks will fill when "manual replenishment" switch is activated - but this shouldn't be necessary. Any ideas??? Jerry

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