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Ultrasound Systems Mindray DP-2200

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Wed Sep 06 2017
Last Reply Wed Sep 06 2017
1 Answer

how to copy images from mindray DP-2200 to flash memeory

Mon Jul 24 2017
Last Reply Thu Jul 27 2017
1 Answer

Date and time setup for Mindray DP 2200

Tue May 30 2017
0 Answers

I want to know the correct steps to Chad date for DP 2200

Tue May 16 2017
Last Reply Tue May 30 2017
2 Answers

I have a Ultrasound Mindray DP-2200. Please help me to correct the time and date. Thank You

Wed Feb 01 2017
Last Reply Fri Feb 03 2017
1 Answer

I have an Ultrasound machine Mindray DP 2200, am asking how can I correct date and time of this machine? You answer is highly appreciated.. thanks

Wed Jan 11 2017
Last Reply Thu Jan 12 2017
1 Answer

How I can change the hospital name and the date? Thank you

(Mindray 2200)

Tue Dec 13 2016
Last Reply Wed Dec 14 2016
1 Answer

what kind of printers can i install on mindray 2200 ?
then how can i install this printer ?
i have hp laserjet 1102 / 1010 / 1018 / 2300 is that working on it ?

Fri Jan 22 2016
Last Reply Mon Jan 25 2016
1 Answer

How can I recognize the difference between original and compatible probes

Thu Jan 07 2016
Last Reply Thu Jan 07 2016
1 Answer

i need user manual

0 Answers

can you pleasehelp me, i have mindray ultrasound DP-2200 but it's not working, all the keys are not working.

when you on the machine, it on without any informaton but still will not work, so what should i do

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