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Electrocardiograph (EKG / ECG) Burdick Vision 5L & 5LR

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Fri Oct 28 2016
Last Reply Mon Oct 31 2016
2 Answers

Where can I purchase a leadwire set for this holter?

Thu Nov 19 2015
Last Reply Thu Nov 19 2015
2 Answers

Work with any memory card 128MB? Or only part number  010-1640-00?



Cassiano- Hospital SARAH-BH

Thu Mar 17 2011
Last Reply Thu Mar 17 2011
1 Answer

I was hooked up to the monitor about an hour ago. I was told my the nurse to make sure the screen showed the squiggly lines and the little beating in the right corner. After only driving in my car the screen went to the time and date. I called the office and they said they assumed it was still recording and to just leave it. I was asked to push a few buttons but the screen never changed.

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