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The foot section does not stay attached to the potion that moves. It looks like we have 2 springs but don't have schematic on how they attach? any suggestions or pictures. Thank you

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Ritter Evolution 75 table with base cylinder leaking. Slow leak over ! 3-4 years. Yellow hydraulic fluid around the base, on the floor. I am a rural solo physician... I have the table opened up this AM. I can see the wet fluid on the base cylineder ONLY. Table works, but I am thinking I should get ahead of this. No one out here in my area to help, so I must try and tackle what I can. I've never replaced a cylinder, nor bled a hydraulic system, etc... But I am willing if it's not terribly complicated. fixed my 7 foot Meyer's snow plow's hydraulic system a week ago. I'm game to have a go at this... I looked into ElectraFit, but that's way too expensive for me. I'm on my own out here. No system to request $$$ from. All out of my own pocket. Where might I begin now that I know the cylinder which is leaking...and have it all unbuttoned. If I should find a new base cylinder for this table....I'd need instructions as to how to undo the hydraulic system safely and appropriately....replace the clylinder....and then bleed and fill the system again. Thoughts? Jeff

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