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Mon May 01 2017
0 Answers

i want service guide of 100 NX. this service guide in document is service guide of 100 models. please upload service manual of sterrad 100NX. thank you

Tue Jan 24 2017
Last Reply Tue Jan 31 2017
2 Answers

is there anyone in the mississippi area to service sterrad nx ? J&J will not do it because we bought equipment  from another  surgery center

Wed Jan 18 2017
Last Reply Thu Jan 19 2017
1 Answer

need the ifu

Wed Jan 11 2017
Last Reply Wed Jan 11 2017
1 Answer

I have a 24 hour read spore, but my paperwork shows a place for 24 and 48 hours which documentation should i do

Wed Dec 28 2016
Last Reply Thu Dec 29 2016
2 Answers

If sterrad tape is placed over the tip of an instrument, In a TYVEK bag will

the instrument tip be permeated by the chemical that renders it sterile?


Fri Mar 25 2016
0 Answers

Can you sterilize an MR6 semirigid urteroscope in the ASP Sterrad 100NX?

Mon Jul 27 2015
Last Reply Tue Jul 28 2015
2 Answers


would appreciate if you can advice what should be the remedial action after converting sterrad inst to autoclaving and found that the light cable deteriorated.

Do I revert back to sterrad?

Mon May 12 2014
Last Reply Wed May 11 2016
8 Answers

We have a Sterrad NX. It is asking for: "Supervisor or Service Level Login Required"

Need user name (operator) and password.

Wed Apr 09 2014
Last Reply Wed Jun 18 2014
4 Answers

Who knows a company that will service a Sterrad NX system? other than ASP


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