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Tue Jan 24 2017

sterrad nx

2 Answers

is there anyone in the mississippi area to service sterrad nx ? J&J will not do it because we boughtequipment from another surgery center

Wed Jan 18 2017


1 Answer

need the ifu

1 Answer

I have a 24 hour read spore, but my paperwork shows a place for 24 and 48 hours which documentation should i do

Wed Dec 28 2016

tape on instrument

2 Answers

If sterrad tape is placed over the tip of an instrument, In a TYVEK bag will the instrument tip be permeated by the chemical that renders it sterile?

Fri Mar 25 2016

OR Supervisor

0 Answers

Can you sterilize an MR6 semirigid urteroscope in the ASP Sterrad 100NX?

2 Answers

Hi, would appreciate if you can advice what should be the remedial action after converting sterrad inst to autoclaving and found that the light cable deteriorated. Do I revert back to sterrad?

Mon May 12 2014

Need login info.

8 Answers

We have a Sterrad NX. It is asking for: "Supervisor or Service Level Login Required"Need user name (operator) and password.

4 Answers

Who knows acompany that will service a Sterrad NX system? other than ASP

Tue Feb 11 2014

operation cost

0 Answers

How much is it for the operation cost per time including chemical and power? Thank you!

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