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Electrocardiograph (EKG / ECG) Burdick E350i

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Mon Apr 24 2017
0 Answers

Thx for that info concerning the drive roller for the BURDICK e 350i ecg machine

Sun Apr 16 2017
Last Reply Mon Apr 24 2017
3 Answers

where can i buy a new drive roller?

Fri Mar 10 2017
Last Reply Wed Mar 15 2017
1 Answer

Internal battery run out and needs to service

Wed Jan 11 2017
Last Reply Wed Jan 11 2017
2 Answers

I have a Burdick 350I ECG machine. It prints a blank page before it  prints the tracing.  How can I stop this from happening?

Wed Aug 03 2016
Last Reply Wed Aug 03 2016
Fri Mar 25 2016
0 Answers

what year is Burdick Model E350i?



Mon Nov 09 2015
Last Reply Mon Nov 09 2015
Sun Oct 25 2015
Last Reply Mon Oct 26 2015
1 Answer

I would like to download the Burdick E350 manual

Wed Sep 23 2015
Last Reply Wed Sep 23 2015
2 Answers

Hi , I am trying to get real time data from burdick e350 using serial or parallel port.Can i know if thats even possible? If that is so, what will be the format i ll receive data? and does it require any specialized software or Matlab will do ?


Wed Sep 16 2015
Last Reply Wed Sep 16 2015
1 Answer

How do i calibrate how do i download the service manual

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