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Electrocardiograph (EKG / ECG) Burdick E350i

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2 months ago

Burdick 350I

2 Answers

I have a Burdick 350I ECG machine. It prints a blank page before it prints the tracing. How can I stop this from happening?

Fri Mar 25 2016

year of model?

0 Answers

what year is Burdick Model E350i?

Sun Oct 25 2015


1 Answer

I would like to download the Burdick E350 manual

2 Answers

Hi , I am trying to get real time data from burdick e350 using serial or parallel port.Can i know if thats even possible? If that is so, what will be the format i ll receive data? and does it require any specialized software or Matlab will do ? Thanks!

Wed Sep 16 2015


1 Answer

How do i calibrate how do i download the service manual

a year ago


1 Answer

In the AUTO mode, I can aquire the patient's rhythm's, it tells me it is good but then it won't automatically print the EKG. It just sit's there. The manual EKG funcion prints and stops correctly, but we can't get an auto EKG printout.

2 Answers

Is it possible to recall and print a previous ECG?Thanks!

4 Answers

My Burdick e350i EKG machine won't print or feed paper. It looks like there's poor/intermittent contact with the cogs. I'm in the southwest suburbs of Chicago and I've read that replacing the print head motor assembly might fix it. Can this be fixed and if so for how much, or can I purchase the print head motor assembly from someone?

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