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2 days ago

agfa cr30x

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When you insert the cassette and when the ID button on the workstation restarts Please help me

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Please guys I need help to resolve this problem sooner. I tried to reinstall the Digitalizer's software but that's not helping!

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After realizing I can change and spoof the MAC address. I had already tried several methods of getting the license .ALF file to read with no luck. I get and [MESS252 Licensing Error] when loading the Agfa Configurator. I get a [MESS141] when running the NX viewer. How do I create a new .alf file?adbservice is running as well as the Agfa license service.What are the correct steps to creating a new ALF file?License dongle is a WUBIKEY BOX U+ server is running and I can see the dongle in the WUBI server monitor.When in the licensing manger is allows me to only create a new finger print. Not sure what to do at this point. Thank you for your time and answers.

Mon Feb 06 2017


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CR-30X has been licensed error. Could you help me?

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The PC with OmniVue software crashed hard and I had to replace it. The customer did not have their OmniVue install software so I installed e-film viewing software on the new PC. I have everything configured for the DICOM - AE_Title, IP address, and port - but it fails the verification everytime. I can ping between the 2 PC's but telnet times out unable to access the ports from either PC. NX software is on Windows XP with ethernet cable, the e-film software is on a Windows 10 PC using wireless. Does anyone know why the 2 PC's can't communicate using DICOM? Thanks

6 Answers

My machine is erroring on cassette read/insertion, error 4152. Any Suggestion for resolution? Any experience with this code? Thank you!!

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I have been getting these messages. Have issues with archiving the films. Then won't upload to Genesis Omniview

2 months ago

NX software

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Does anyone have a place to get a manual for the NX software

2 months ago

cassette stuck

1 Answer

The tech inserted the cassette slightly crooked. Now it's stuck and even after rebooting both processor and software, we're not getting an error message that allows us to eject the cassette. Is there a manual release that I'm not finding?

1 Answer

This system was working normally until last weekend. When they turned it on Monday morming it said there was a MAC address mismatch and went in to Grace mode. I looked at the License Manager and the Dongle is suddenly showing a different MAC address than the alf file. The original MAC address, the one in the alf file, still has the ethernet cable plugged in and it is still recognized by the PC. Why is the Dongle suddenly looking for a differnt MAC address? More important, how can I fix it? Thanks

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