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Ultrasound Systems Acuson 128 XP 10 ART

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Wed Sep 20 2017
Last Reply Thu Sep 21 2017
2 Answers

where is the mother board for acuson 128 xp/10

Fri Jun 23 2017
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Hello, The ultrasound machine I am working with (Acuson 128 XP/10) is giving me a Power Up Error: CVC 08. Does this mean that the two batteries on the CVC board need to be replaced? Or is this some other error? Also, where can I find the CVC board on the machine? It is a pretty bulky machine with lots of panels and I am unsure which one the CVC board is behind. Thanks

Wed Jan 11 2017
Last Reply Fri Jan 13 2017
3 Answers

Dear Sir/Madame

I am working at the KMT Hospital in Shirati, Mara Regionn, Tanzania. We have an acuson 128xp/10 ultrasound machine which from today on gives us an error: Software Sono-Pac right transducer has not been licensed. Same error for the left transducer. I guess the error came due to a battery failure. This machine was donated to the hospital by a Dutch school and we do not have those encryption keys. The Serial Number of the device is 13707 P/N is 23627 REV E. Is it possible to get the keys from you and how should we proceed?

Thank you very much for your help!

Florian Stamm


Wed Sep 28 2016
Last Reply Sun Oct 09 2016
3 Answers

I am a retired RN who volunteers in BioMed for Medical Mission. When I power it up, the screen only flashes "Copyright 1993-1999". It was last checked in Dec. 2015. We get these items donated to send overseas. No BioMed engineer at this time. Nothing in the Acuson 128 manual troubleshooting section. Any suggestions?

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Good morning. My Acuson ultrasound doesn't use more doppler and color.Why? Thanks Pier Luigi

0 Answers

Dear friends,

This equipment presents a bad image with noise, no 2d gain adjust and when i call collor mode with any application like carotid for example has no flow inside the vein. The Collor Doppler Wave does not work too.

Any suggestions?



0 Answers

I bought a second hand Acuson 128. I connected a scanner probe to the machine and booted it up. The screen stopped at the message "Scanner Orphan Prom not present." What is the problem? Any comment is greatly appreciated.

0 Answers

Power Up Errors: Memex-0 8E, CSC 28, FEB 28, FEC 80” (1), y continuando con la inspección del equipo, se ha mostrado una imagen con un mensaje que dice: “Initializing right transducer, please wait” (2), en este estado ya no se pudo continuar usando la máquina. Se ha tenido que reiniciar por dos ocasiones, ahora sí detectando los transductores, y se ha podido realizar una prueba a la máquina verificando que sí sale una imagen utilizando un transductor (3).

Revisando el manual de servicio me indica que debo cambiar las tarjetas CSV, FEB y FEC ; pero por favor si alguien me puede ayudar indicandome el significado de los codigos numericos mostrados y cual es la posible causa del daño para tomar las precausiones que eviten se repita los daños.  

Mon Nov 16 2015
Last Reply Mon Nov 16 2015
3 Answers

On the screen, there is a message that the CVC panel is broken. Do you have any idea how to fix this?


Wed Nov 11 2015
Last Reply Thu Nov 12 2015
2 Answers

Please I need a service manual for Acuson 128 XP/10, 


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