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Electrocardiograph (EKG / ECG) Burdick Eclipse LE II

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Tue Sep 19 2017
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Sat Aug 05 2017
Last Reply Mon Aug 07 2017
2 Answers

With the exception of the rhythm line (which is straight), top 3 lines print each lead individually straight, but severely up or down on page. Tough to explain, but each field is either way up or way down.

Mon Apr 03 2017
Last Reply Wed Apr 05 2017
2 Answers

Buenas Tardes, tengo problema con esta maquina, al momento de imprimir los tramos del pulso me los grafica desalineados, por ejemplo avR lo imprime un nivel mas arriba a I, y a su vez V1 lo grafica 2 niveles mas abajo de avR.

Fri Feb 24 2017
0 Answers

on our ecg's, the sinus rhythm and summary does not show up. it's just blank. how can we make this show up?

Thu Feb 16 2017
Last Reply Thu Feb 16 2017
2 Answers

How can I find a old report on a Eclipse LE II

Tue Feb 14 2017
Last Reply Thu Feb 16 2017
2 Answers

I am having a problem feeding the paper on a Burdick Eclipse LE2, it won't catch the roller. Anyone have a solution? Thanks!

Mon Jan 09 2017
Last Reply Wed Jan 11 2017
2 Answers

I bought a used Eclipse LE II that was nonfunctioning.  I replaced a fuse and it works again, but t cannot correct an incorrect time.  Also, the name of the clinic that had it previously prints in the middle of the bottom of the page.  I can access "setup" without a password but the option of putting in an instutution name does not appear, nor does an option to imput a dat/time, although I can choose a format for date.  Is there some sort of code to impuit to release any block of these functions?  Perhaps I should remove the button battery and the large rechargeable battery and see what happens.  Any one have any ideas?




Thu Dec 22 2016
Last Reply Thu Dec 22 2016
2 Answers

My Eclipse LE II will not work on battery, tried new battery and unit shuts off as soon as i remove AC, also no indication of battery charging going on.

Mon Nov 21 2016
Last Reply Tue Nov 22 2016
2 Answers

please indicate what "noise pacer" refers to in Eclipse LE/LE II

Mon Oct 31 2016
Last Reply Tue Feb 14 2017
3 Answers

I need a replacement motor for our Burdick Eclipse II EKG machine: current motor is a VEXTA 2- phase 4.8V 1.26A  1.8/Step  stepping motor               (C4741-9212-C1)     WY7   13547

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