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Electrosurgical Unit (ESU) Karl Storz Autocon 400 ii

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Wed Apr 12 2017
Last Reply Mon Apr 17 2017
1 Answer

Hi, I am writing to enquire about a used Autocon II 400 machine and it's accessories. Please get back to me as soon as you can with a quote. Thank you

0 Answers

Karl Storz - Autocon 400 ii Anyone have a service manual, best regards & thanks

Mon Oct 20 2014
Last Reply Mon Oct 20 2014
1 Answer

Please let me know if it's include the food pedal and what your price is.




Tue Jul 02 2013
Last Reply Tue Jul 02 2013
1 Answer

My Autocon persistently brings up an error "A-12 activationduring power up not allowed" whenever i swicth it on. What can i do

Thu May 31 2012
Last Reply Thu Dec 08 2016
3 Answers

Hi everybody,

I need service password for Storz autoconII 400

Thanks in advance

Mon Apr 30 2012
Last Reply Thu Apr 06 2017
3 Answers

Ask for help  for problem for Electrosurgical ::   :

Karl Storz-SCB Autocon 400 ll

 ,Locked touch screen display, communication error. Thanks 






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