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Tue Feb 12 2013
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Be careful of this product and business practices of this company, especially if your doctor decides that you do not need this product before you leave the hospital.  By the time you get the product (which you never used) returned to the company, they will have billed insurance companies and will demand payment for the balance. Company representatives seem complicit in keeping the product in the hands of the patient in order to charge rental fees.  The company does not seem to have much of a plan for patients who are ordered by doctors not to use the device by the time the patient leaves the hospital.  The unused product just sat in my hospital room for 2 to 3 weeks and could have been picked up by the company representative.  It seems to me that communications between the hospital and the company are quite unprepared if the doctors decide the patient does not need the device by the time the patient leaves the hospital.  I am beginning to understand why medical costs are going up.  Charges are being rendered for non-service and non-use.  It is pretty ugly.  It is not the way I do business and not the way I treat people.  It is not a good sign for the American medical profession-- very sloppy.

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