Take a look at why people love MedWrench

What’s not to like? Fantastic way to help one another. MedWrench helps to save the lives of patients!!

Kurt Holtzer

K Squared Biomedical

I started using the “Ask A Question” service “MedWrench” offers a few months ago. I found right away that it was like having the experience of hundreds of Biomed techs at my finger tips. I would ask a real time question about a unit I was having an issue with and within minutes I would have one or more replies from someone in the field that had some real life experience with the same issue.
Nothing beats real hands on experience in a pinch and that is what MedWrench offers at a moment’s notice. The best part of the service is that it doesn’t cost my facility a dime; you can’t beat “Free” in today’s economy! Thanks MedWrench!

Mike Holman

Biomedical Engineering Manager, Fremont Area Medical Center

Medwrench is an excellent site and tool for engineers in the field.

Leonard Place


We use MedWrench to extend our reach to our customers to inform them about our service. Since using their service we have seen a great benefit in responses to our advertising on their site and social media outlets. Also, their statistical response data reporting to our ad campaigns and email blasts are sent to us basically in real time and extremely helpful to understand what audience we are getting in touch with and who is interested in our services. We will continue to use them to grow our business.

Justin Smith

ReNew Biomedical Services

I like the sense of community, and the way that people communicate and help each other out.

Rich Sable


What I like most about Medwrench would be the communication to have with other technicians in the community, such as discussing current device issues and finding assistance with others that are eager to help.

Chase Messamore

BMET I, Baptist Health Madisonville

Good place for resources not found anywhere else.

Christopher Jones

CT Specialist, Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center

As an ISO serving the human and veterinary provider, costumers rely on our services for equipment uptime at a time when manufacturers discontinue support for equipment which has a longer life cycle; supporting longer life cycle products can be a daunting task without the support of the manufacturer. MedWrench combines equipment technical documentation, service part search, service technician collaboration and end user feedback making it a powerful resource that provides us with the tools to better service our customers. Thank you MedWrench!

Ron Thorpe

BMET, Acura Medical Systems

An excellent resource. It's my first stop when I have a question or need information. An asset to any technician's toolbox.

Mark Cooper

Biomedical Service Manager/Quality Control Manager, Legacy Medical Imaging

Medwrench is a great resource for the Biomedical (HTM) community. You have more than filled the void left by a previous forum that collapsed. Medwrench is well organized, professional and comprehensive.

Ron Morey

International Med. Equip. Distribution, Biomedical Tech/Manager

I love to use MedWrench. It's the first place I go to when I have an issue with a piece of equipment. Usually, the answer I am looking for can be found on MedWrench through either a service manual, or through the ask a question forum.

Kyle Hutcherson

Biomedical Technician, Romed Engineering

It is nice to be able to help people and share my knowledge gained during my 45 years in imaging and ultrasound. And that helps my company to obtain business for ultrasound parts and service training.

Jim Carr

Advanced Ultrasound Electronics

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