Tue May 27 2014

Vally lab rem test

What is the REM test procedure. I do not have a manuel.


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Tue May 27 2014Reply from Dean

The service manual is available under the Documents tab here:


Dean Stephens EET, CBET

Senior Biomedical Equipment Tech

(Not my first rodeo...)
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Wed May 28 2014Reply from James Knight BEST
James Knight BEST

Verify REM function (page 5-17)

1. Set the resistance substitution box to 120 ohms. Connect the box to the generator and confirm that the REM indicator illuminates green.

2. Slowly increase the resistance and verify that the REM alarm sounds at 135 +/- 5 ohms.

3. Decrease the resistance to 60 ohms and verify the REM indicator illuminates green.

4. Unplug the box and set it to 10 ohms. Connect it to generator and verify REM indicator illuminates green.

5. Decrease the resistance to 3 ohms and verify that the REM alarm sounds.

James R. Knight

ERD llc

Carson City, NV

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