Sun Sep 20 2015

Request a quote

Dear !

This is Alex from SunTech Co., Ltd.(South Korea)

We are very interested in your product.

We think your product will meet our needs.

Would you please send your quotation for set of your product?[CyFlow Cube 8]

* 2 laser 6 parameter ( 4color)

- 488nm 50mW solid strate laser

- 638nm 25 mW diode laser



502, Sinjeongjungang-ro 52, Yangcheon-gu, Seoul, Korea(South)

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Mon Sep 21 2015Reply from MedWrenchManager


MedWrench is an informational community. We do not sell equipment or parts. However, we do work as the link between buyer and seller. You can request a quote, here and we will pass it along to the OEM or 3rd party vendor to contact you directly. 

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