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5 years ago

Ge Voluson E8 - Service password

I am trying to get into GE service. Does anyone have the GE service password for CSD? thanks
5 years agoReply from Koniuto
avatar placemark Did You find this password? I'm also looking for it and will be grateful for any help
5 years agoReply from BMET-KY
avatar placemarkThanks Gary I am familiar with the GE doc library I am trying to get the service password not manual. They change the GE service password every so often and thats the one I am looking for.
5 years agoReply from GaryBiomed
BMET-KY You can get all the GE manuals, even the service manual here. http://www.gehealthcare.com/usen/service/biomed_tech_selfservice/services_user_doc/products/support.html I know the password for the Logic 9 external service is gogems. Here's some info from the Voluson Manual Local Access 1.) If not already in read mode, FREEZE the image. 2.) Press the UTILITIES key on the control panel and touch SYSTEM SETUP to invoke setup desktop. 3.) On the left side of the screen select ADMINISTRATION and then click on the SERVICE tab. 4.) Enter the password SHE and then click the ACCEPT button. 5.) Click the CSD button. 6.) As soon as the GEHC Service Home Page appears, select “Operator” from the pull-down menu, enter the password uls and then click [Okay]

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