Tue Aug 02 2016

CW button

When I use the F6 CW button, the doppler image appears but no waveform. nothing happens. I checked and the CWD is enabled on the F6 key. any ideas?

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Tue Aug 02 2016Reply from MedWrench MM
MedWrench MM

What equipment are you referring to? Manufacturer/Model?

Jonathan F. Payne,
Media Manager @ MedWrench,
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Tue Aug 02 2016Reply from DianeRVT
avatar placemark

GE Logiq-e software version 6.06. Just had 4 circuits replaced, and previously was the 6.05 version with no problems. PW doppler works but not CW

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Sun Nov 22 2020Reply from juventino
avatar placemark

I have problems with f6 when I try to activate cw not work and in hardware cwd fail any solution for please 

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