Wed Oct 26 2016

Siemens Multix Pro Top

machine stops in the middle of exposure, gave error 715/080.

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Wed Oct 26 2016Reply from John D
John D

Error 715/80


·         Minus KVmin error the negative kV (kV +) has more than 10 kV difference .

·         The tube, being active while this error was sent, can be read in the environment info of the errorlog since XCU VB07A.


·         The minus KVmin monitoring becomes active if the -KV actual value is more than 10KV less than the -KV nominal value

·         Display LED D100.V165 KV MIN-

Possible causes and action:

·         Check minus KV actual value at D220.X18.A8 and D100.X61 Meßpunkt KV- (see wiring diagram X2206-15 / X2169-15) at both test points 1V = -10kV

·         Check ribbon cable between D220.X1 and D100.X1

·         Perform "Diagnostic/Inverter Test"

·         Check oscillating current on D100. X62 I_LAST (1V = 50A) and compare with diagram ERROR 711

·         Check connection screws in the intermediate circuit and inverter

·         Measure intermediate circuit voltage at D110.X2 and X1 (X2169/16)

·         UZACT = 1,4 x Umains

o   Caution! Direct voltage

·         Actual value sensing D220 defective

·         kV controller defective

·         Tube arcing

·         High-voltage generator H1 defective

·         High-voltage cable OK?

·         Filament current too high, perform tube adjust.

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