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3 months ago

Application start-up

Hi,I have a Xario XG that fails to load/initiate the application post power up and returns with an error message "Start up is halted. Shutdown is recommended". Is there a solution for this? Any help would be great! Thanks,Noor
3 months agoReply from BMET-KY
avatar placemark To Delete and re-create database -Go into service - click menu then maintenace - hit ctrl+shift+next -log in sceen displayed -in service click command line -type stopz.js click go (this will close imaging application) -go to c:\setxg\aplioxgsetupmenu.exe -a service menu is displayed -click uncommon tools -click remove database (all images will be gone) will take several min. wait for it to complete -click create database this will also take several min. wait for it to complete -go back to service tools page and click restart aplio -reboot system and DB should be clear -
3 months agoReply from Noor2016
avatar placemark Here's my email... nsikdar@gmail.com Thanks
3 months agoReply from HELP_ULTRASOUND
avatar placemark what version? i can help you. Give me please your whatsapp or email
3 months agoReply from Noor2016
avatar placemark I cannot access the service mode from the 'system maintenance', the key stroke combination doesn't work. All the leds seem to be okay, there all green and lit (not flashing). I did aslo try to recreate the database from Windows environment but it returned with error message "E7031: UT_ER_DBID_NOACCESS: Failed to access databaseID file".
3 months agoReply from BMET-KY
avatar placemarkI agree with Johnw it could be a database issue you can rebuild the DB in about 20 min. I will post instructions in the morning.
3 months agoReply from JohnW
avatar placemark Your problem is with the software. reload or replace the HDD. It is probably a database corruption that has caused the issue
3 months agoReply from juice
avatar placemark Check eightLEDs on the back of XG,Is it alllit withgreen LEDs without blinking?
3 months agoReply from MedWrench MM
Noor2016 If you are in need of immediate assistance please feel free to reach out directly to our Ultrasound System sponsors. They are happy to help. Trisonics AUE Conquest Imaging Ultrasound Gurus Summit Imaging Just be sure to tell them you were referred by MedWrench.

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