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Tue Jan 03 2017

Xray Tabletop difficult to move one-direction

We have a GE Definium 8000 radiology system. The tabletop (PN 5131070) moves flawlessly in three directions (head, away, and foot), but must be forcefully pulled to move towards the operator. Has another facility encountered this issue; if so, what actions were taken to restore movement (WD-40 DNA as no wheeled track exists). We lack a service manual for the table; does a related schematic exist for this table? The GE website - predictably - is of no use.

Thank you.

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Wed Jan 11 2017Reply from Celios
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Thank you all. I removed the tabletop to confirm that the "right head" solenoid DNE, thus leading to the unidirectional resistance. The rod now appears like a pitchfork; placed an order for a new lock solenoid. In the meantime, the lock is operational subbing a zip-tie for the rod.

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Thu Jan 05 2017Reply from jimsdavis
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seen this many times. remove table top (one end cap and four hex head bolts underneath. look on both foot and head ends at the round bearing rod. on each end is a traveler with a solenoid that rocks a lock lever around the rod. press the lock release footswitch and make sure each one moves a little to unlock. you can move each with your finger to simulate the solenoid action. they are adjustable with the little nut on the screw. also clean the rod with alcohol only to make them shiny, no lube should ever be used. if the rods are rusty you can clean them with greeny pad but don't scratch them (shiny works best). adjustment to the lock solenoid is rarely needed and is a pain to get right.

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Thu Jan 05 2017Reply from old x-ray guy
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i have the schematics and parts for you.  send your email address to


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Tue Jan 03 2017Reply from BESToR

I have found a RT's positioning marker wedged in the mechanism at the foot pedal before.

You may just want to get a flashlight and start looking around for an obstruction.

good luck.


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