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Tue Jan 10 2017

LL and RL leads

Got a machine, on a patient simulator, the unit displays LL disconnected..  Changed the LL cable, LL disconnected.  Changed the banana clip end, LL disconnected.  Changed the CAM module, LL disconnected.  Changed the CAM Cable, LL disconnected.  Put the RL on the LL, unit functions normally.  Thoughts?

Tue Jan 10 2017Reply from MedWrench MM

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Just be sure to tell them you were referred by MedWrench.

Tue Jan 10 2017Reply from jroberts
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When you say "changed the CAM Cable", do you mean the cable running from the CAM  to the MAC 5500.  If so, I suggest replacing or repairing the CAM board itself. 

Tue Jan 10 2017Reply from Crutch
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I will try a known good cam module and see if perhaps that is the problem.  I have tried different cam modules, all with the same indications, so maybe (since they are on my desk) they are all broken too.


Thank you

Tue Jan 10 2017Reply from Crutch
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I am happy to report that the problem has been resolved.  It appeared that no matter which CAM module I used, or how I hooked it up it always failed the same way.  Turns out there is a problem with my patient simulator.  I used a different simulator and had no problems with the unit.


I hadn't thought about test equipment being faulty.

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