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a month ago

Preventive Maintenance Procedure

Can someone please post the PM procedure for the ICC 350 and ICC 200 or provide ESU analyzer setting information in this thread for both models? Thank you.
a month agoReply from MedWrench MM
Celios You are most welcome. Good luck!
a month agoReply from Celios
avatar placemark Thank you Cipher and MedWrench_MM for the timely documentation. It's hard to physically perform maintenance on 1000s of different nomenclatures; doing it blind is pretty scary (especially with the vendor promises 24 hours" assistance but stops answering the phone at 5:00 pm EDT.
a month agoReply from MedWrench MM
Celios Hi Celios, Thanks to Cipher I have now added theERBE ICC 200, ICC 300 & ICC 350 Service Manualand theERBE PM Wattage Output Matrixmanuals to the product page. You can access them under the documents tab. Thank you again Cipher!
a month agoReply from Cipher
Celios Literature is on the way.
a month agoReply from MedWrench MM
Celios If anyone has this document please feel free to email over to jpayne@medwrench.com and I will add it to the product page for all MedWrench users.

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