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2 months ago

Preventive Maintenance

Can someone please post the Service Manual and User Mmanual for the Panda Warmer? I've placed an inquiryto GE but haven't received a response. Our shop's User Manual is dated "2003" and references to perform multiple tasks in the Service Manual. Thank you.
a month agoReply from mfjmartin
avatar placemarkCan someone send me a copy of the Service Manual, I also have units due for PM. fjmartinez@uhs.com Thank you
a month agoReply from AJ_Diaz
avatar placemark Provide your email address and I can send it.
a month agoReply from Celios
avatar placemark The Service Manual references a "Resuscitation system" Service Manual, which I do not see on the GE online literature library. Does anyone have a copy that could be uploaded to benefit the community? Thank you.
a month agoReply from AJ_Diaz
avatar placemark Yeah, it can be a little overwhelming. Fortunately for me, I've been there so many times, I can navigate the page. We are a GE house so I'm always there.
a month agoReply from Celios
avatar placemark AJ_Diaz: Thank you for the specific guidance on finding the Panda Warmer in the GE Support Documentation Library. I wish field box searches were more robust on the site; figuring out which category button to search is not always easy when GE makes so many nomenclatures.
2 months agoReply from MedWrench MM
Celios Unfortunately GE has asked that we do not post any of their literature to our website. So AJ_Diaz will have to send to you directly. Sorry!
2 months agoReply from AJ_Diaz
avatar placemark Some of these files are too large to send. Go to this link http://apps.gehealthcare.com/servlet/ClientServlet?REQ=Enter%2BDocumentation%2BLibrary Click on Life Support and scroll to Giraffe/Panda iRes Warmer select all Manual types and all Status types. A list will appear and you can pick and choose what manuals you want. GE broke apart the manuals because of the different configurations they have for this warmer. Hope this helps.
2 months agoReply from AJ_Diaz
avatar placemark I will send everything I have to MedWrench Admin to post on the details page for this device, service manual included. All can be found on GE Support Documentation Library.

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