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a month ago

Encryption Code acuson 128xp/10

Dear Sir/Madame I am working at the KMT Hospital in Shirati, Mara Regionn, Tanzania. We have an acuson 128xp/10 ultrasound machine which from today on gives us an error: Software Sono-Pac right transducer has not been licensed. Same error for the left transducer. I guess the error came due to a battery failure. This machine was donated to the hospital by a Dutch school and we do not have those encryption keys. The Serial Number of the device is 13707 P/N is 23627 REV E. Is it possible to get the keys from you and how should we proceed? Thank you very much for your help! Florian Stamm
a month agoReply from MedWrench MM
FlorianStamm You are most welcome!
a month agoReply from FlorianStamm
avatar placemark Thanks a lot! I have contacted them.
a month agoReply from MedWrench MM
FlorianStamm Hi Florian, If you are in need of immediate assistance please feel free to reach out directly to our Ultrasound System sponsors. They are happy to help out when they can. Trisonics AUE Conquest Imaging Summit Imaging Ultrasound Gurus Just be sure to tell them you were referred by MedWrench.

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