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Fri Jan 20 2017

Acuson 512 setup.

Is there anyone familiar with setting the 512 with a PACs network. I need to setup a way for my client to make CDs to give to his Patients. Or is there away to make CDs directly for the  Acuson 512 ultrasound

Tue Jan 31 2017Reply from PrajithUsound
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i had sent you a mail regarding the setting 

Tue Jan 31 2017Reply from Steven Mc
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My C512 only has a DVD ROM drive. Therefore, the Dr. cannot burn images to give to her patients. I guess the only way to burn images is to send them to a PACs. I need  help to setup the C512 to a domain PACs. Does anyone have experience in do that? Is there a service manual available? I would greatly appreciate any help!

Thu Jan 26 2017Reply from Steven Mc
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It will be similar to pushing the images to a PACs. How difficult is it to setup the C512 to send to a PACs? I am a 54 year old, with 30 years of Medical imaging engineering experience. Ultrasound is not one of my stronger trades. I am only doing this to help a Dr. in Mexico as a favor for a friend. Purly voluteer. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Thu Jan 26 2017Reply from Steven Mc
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When the Doctor puts the CD into the burner,  the CD doesn't get recognize. Therefore, no images can be transferred to the CD. Could this be a software issue or a hardware issue? Do I need to buy software? Does anyone know what procedure is needed to burn patient images to CD's?

Thu Jan 26 2017Reply from MedWrench MM
Steven Mc

Hi Prajith,

If you have manuals you are wanting to share please send them over to jpayne@medwrench.com and I will gladly add them to MedWrench for all users to take advantage of.

Please do not try to utilize our forums in order to sell manuals or service passwords. This will result in the banning of your account.

Thu Jan 26 2017Reply from PrajithUsound
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Mail me I will help u


Tue Jan 24 2017Reply from Amintlmed
Steven Mc

Please feel free to call us. We have technicians ready to help you. 



Mon Jan 23 2017Reply from El Jefe
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You most likely don't have the DVD burner or you would not be asking this question. If you do then run with it. 

If you don't you can set up an XP tower computer and install a Fujitsu or equivalent 3.5" MO read/write drive very similar to the one in a Sequoia. 

From here you intstall Microdicom, a free download Dicom reader, and read your Sequoia images, save them to the XP and burn them to a CD or DVD. Not the quickest cleanest operaton but it works.

I do this for clients performing research studies with CRT Sequoias so that they can burn and send images across the world.

Jeff Majors  Pinnacle Medical Imaging  www.pmijm.com

Mon Jan 23 2017Reply from Bill McSharry
Steven Mc


  You should be able to burn a CD if the Sequoia has a slot on the front above the MO drive for a CD.

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