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Sat Jan 21 2017

how to change the date of Toshiba Xario XG


i've 2 problems with myToshiba Xario XG :

*I can't set the date of my toshiba xario XG in 2017 year , it is on 2002

*since 2 weeks , when I switch on my Toshiba Xario XG , after 2 or 3  secondes it stop , than after 1 or 2 minutes  it restart spontaneousely (like restarting or rebooting).

the first time when this problem is appear , the machine (Toshiba Xario Xg ) changed the date, it past from 2017 to 2002

please help me

Sat Jan 21 2017Reply from JohnW
avatar placemarkReplace the battery on the cpu pcb
Mon Jan 23 2017Reply from BMET-KY
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I agree with JohnW repalce the CMOS battery. As far as changing the time. You have to log in to service for that. pull up the menu then select maintenace at the bottom. hit ctrl+alt+"next"(near trackball). Type in the current log in and password. then select command line towards center of screen. you can type in control panel in the box towards the top and hit go. Then select date and time. If you need the current pasword post you e-mail.

Mon Jan 23 2017Reply from yamek
avatar placemarkhi,please I need the password thank you e-mail : mekamene2007@yahoo.fr
Wed Jan 25 2017Reply from dferguson

Does anyone have the current service login information?

Wed Jan 25 2017Reply from BMET-KY
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Dave and Yamek check your e-mail. Dave I sent it to you on the 17th if you didn't get repost and I will call you

Sun Feb 05 2017Reply from yamek
avatar placemarkhi, I changed the battery on the cpu, but I can't change the date . I taped the current log and password you sent me,and when I click on OK it appear this message: SAM:LM:system clock has been set back. please help me to change the date of my toshiba Xario XG

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