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a month ago

Exporting Images to USB

Trying to export archived images to USB, however Zonare machine does not recognize the USB as an export destination. Any suggestions please.
a month agoReply from Cipher
stephf You can try formating the flash drive IF> the unit recognizes the drive. Go to theExam Export screen and see if the flash drive is there, and if so, select it and then select the FORMAT icon at the bootom of the screen.
a month agoReply from Cipher
stephf If you are using a flash drive with U3 Smart Technology built in; e.g. most Sandisk brand models and some other brands,they will not work. You can remove this feature and it may work, however ZonAare will tell you to buy a USB flash drive from them and they will guarantee it to work.
a month agoReply from stephf
avatar placemark Thank you for your quick reply, Yes, we have followed those steps, just as they are in the manual as well. However, the USB does not appear under the destination section. Does the USB need to be reformatted to a specific format? Other suggestions
a month agoReply from Jim Carr
stephf Plug the USB flash drive directly into the Scan Engine, next to the external DVI connector, or into one of the USB ports on the miniCart, if you have one. Press the ARCHIVE key (SuperCart or miniCart), or the VIEW ARCHIVE selection in the Toolbar menu on the Scan Engine, to view the main ARCHIVE page. Use the trackball to move the arrow cursor over the EXPORT softkey, and press the Set key to open the main EXPORT page. Highlight the USB drive in the Destination table and select EXPORT.
a month agoReply from Cipher
stephf Can you give a little detail on the storage device connected to the USB port? Is it a flash drive and if so, what brand/model/size? - Cipher
a month agoReply from MedWrench MM
stephf Hi Stephf, If you are in need of immediate assistance please feel free to reach out directly to our Ultrasound System sponsors. They are happy to help out when they can. Ultrasound Gurus Conquest Imaging Summit Imaging Trisonics AUE Just be sure to tell them you were referred by Jonathan at MedWrench..

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