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Tue Jan 31 2017

Seal Gasket

We have a Sterilizer GETINGE Model 422HC and we need the Seal Gasket Code Part, can you help me with this information please?

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Fri Feb 03 2017Reply from Bob@montaquip
avatar placemarkMy apologies, the door seal is correct for your 422HC AND All 400 series sterilizer. #61301607691
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Fri Feb 03 2017Reply from Bob@montaquip
avatar placemarkHello- the Getinge part number for a 423HC door seal (gasket) is #61301607691 This seal fits all 400 series sterilizers. Chamber dimension 17.5" x 17.5"
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Thu Feb 02 2017Reply from Bob@montaquip
avatar placemarkI will pull the number up in the catalog tomorrow and list it here. Please check back tomorrow. Thanks. B
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Wed Feb 01 2017Reply from acayetan
avatar placemarkDear Bob, I am from Lima - PERU and I have a Getinge 130 Liters Model 422HC Sterilizer.What I need es to buy the Seal Gasket very urgently but I do not have the accesory code. Could you give me the accesory number of that packaging model so I can order it? Thank you.
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Wed Feb 01 2017Reply from Bob@montaquip
avatar placemarkAre you referring to the Door Gasket?
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Tue Jan 31 2017Reply from MedWrench MM

Hi Acayetan,

RPI may be able to assist you with this. Just reach out to them directly for assistance and ask for Neil.

Be sure to tell him you were referred by Jonathan at MedWrench.

Jonathan F. Payne,
Media Manager @ MedWrench,
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