Fri Feb 17 2017

OEC 9900 Elite

C-Arm will not expose using any switch, hand switch, foot switch or from doghouse. No Errors on C-arm or Work Station Any suggestions?

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Mon Mar 27 2017Reply from POPphotons12
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since your not getting errors in event log you can try eraseing the nodes on the generator and FFB. very crucial you must first save the carm files to a folder both GEN and workstation make a PRE folder and POST folder save the files before you make any changes to PRE folder. OK while in RUT click on connect tab at top then properties then click the erase boxes on the GEN and FFB nodes ONLY then click the erase something or other tab i cant remember exact words its directly below the node list then click yes when the tab opens. Now shut off Carm you can leave your laptop on and in RUT no biggy. ok power carm back on now it will automatically start rebuilding the nodes in the left screen when it finishes shut off again the reboot now connect RUT again and you will get tons of errors in the event log dont mind them now open your PRE folder in RUT and save all files to system after it loads now shut off carm one last time now when you reboot if it was a software issue with these nodes it should function flawlessly now with no errors. hope possibly this helps im pretty new to the game but the guys im being trained by are amazing imaging techs so if not sounding to well versed i promise this is a good method for software fixes. ok also save all files to that POST folder and now you atleast have it backuped exactly how the customer had it when you arrived if for some reason something happens. hope this helps

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