Fri Feb 17 2017

Isoflurane in isoflurane vaporizer

Hello! One of my technicians accidentally poured a small amount of Isoflurane INTO my sevoflurane vaporizer. Is there anything that I can do in house to alleviate this?
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Fri Feb 17 2017Reply from MedWrench MM

What equipment are you specifically referring to? Manufacturer/Model?

Jonathan F. Payne,
Media Manager @ MedWrench,
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Wed Feb 22 2017Reply from Darin
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Empty the vaporizer and then run 100% O2 through it to dry the internal wicks thoroughly. Typically takes approx. 45 minutes to run it 1.5 hours to be safe and I would suggest a flow of 3-4 liters per minute. Then I would fill with sevo and test outputs of the vap with a gas analyzer. I would also question the tech as to why and how they did this........there are safety measures in place to avoid this from happening. Just my thoughts.

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