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5 years ago

service manual

Can anyone please e-mail a service manual for surgistat2Thanks Dave
4 years agoReply from Dean
db Bipolar operation does not require the patient return electrode, but does require a footpedal.
4 years agoReply from TSVS
avatar placemark When using Valley lab surgistat II unit for bipolar cautery, does it require a foot pedal? Also does it require use of ground plate still? Thanks
5 years agoReply from MedWrenchManager
db I'm glad MedWrench was able to help!
5 years agoReply from db
avatar placemark thanks-that worked well!! Beginners luck? Dave
5 years agoReply from MedWrenchManager
db It's actually available for download under the resource tab on the product page, here.

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