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Wed May 10 2017

quality components materials

Hi, can someone tell me if the philips IU 22 equpment is prone to cracks in the console or components, maybe due to overheating that the equipment suffers
Thu May 11 2017Reply from MedWrench MM

Hi Mary,

You can reach out directly to our Ultrasound System sponsors if you need this information immediately. They are happy to help.


Conquest Imaging


Summit Imaging

Ultrasound Gurus

Just be sure to tell them you were referred by MedWrench.

Thu May 11 2017Reply from DeanChuks
avatar placemarkAre you looking to know how long it takes your machine to breakdown? do you have your PM and service manuals? Mail me chidozie.ekezie@gmail.com
Thu May 11 2017Reply from Jim Carr


The iU22 and iE33 frames were redesigned a couple of times and other changes were made to improve the air flow and cooling of components. Overheating is a leading cause of failures of graphics cards, backend motherboards and power supplies. The user manual says to clean the air filter every week, and cleaning the bottom one that often will greatly improve the reliability.

Cracks to operator panels and probe scanheads and other plastic parts are typically caused by cleaning solutions with alcohol or bleach that are not rinsed off.

Thu May 11 2017Reply from biomed_j

All the cracks I have seen were caused from someone hitting a door frame or wall with the cart itself but not from heat. They do use harsh chemicals to clean but I have never seen this cause a crack to the cart itself. 

Thu May 11 2017Reply from El Jefe
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As Jim Carr states, the IU 22 from Philips does experience several heat related failures on the Video Cards, Power Supplies and Motherboards among several other boards that draw high current levels such as the Transmitter board.

Do you have a specific system failure? If not and you are looking at performing a PM checkup to make sure your system is performing at its best you have several ways to approach this PM. My video on Youtube can be used as a starting point. You will find many different approaches to a PM and if you hire someone ask them questions related to some of the checks I mention on the video. 

You will find all of the Medwrench sponsors also performing very comprehensive PM checkups and don't hesitate to contact them if you need someone to come out and perform a PM. Here is the link to my PM Video: https://youtu.be/hB-k_u6XX6Q

Jeff Majors    Pinnacle Medical Imaging


Thu May 11 2017Reply from MedWrench MM

Thanks to everyone who chimed in on this thread to help assist Mary. Great information here.

Sat May 13 2017Reply from mary29
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thanks to everybody--

Sat May 13 2017Reply from mary29
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Thanks everybody

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