Fri Jul 14 2017

ERR 289

HI to all, I have a Force triad with error 289. In particular in the service menu, I have seen in the error list the follow message:" ERR DSP2 DOSE ERR. ERR NR SENSOR COMPARE" Someone can help me?? thank a lot Alessandro

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Fri Jul 14 2017Reply from RepairMED

This error may be resolved by calibrating the unit. However there are several factors causing the error - voltage, current or power due a defective controller board or leakage issue from defective RF board.

If you are not able to resolve the issue by calibrating the unit, RepairMED is able to fully support it.

Diane Geddes


877-716-5577 (fax)
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Tue Jul 18 2017Reply from Alessandro1983
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thanks Diane ;)

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