Tue Sep 05 2017

NSF-49 2016

Hello my friends! Somebody can help me? I'm ending my final graduation work about biosafety cabinet maintenance. But i need the norm (NSF-49 2016). I have the NSF-49 2014, but my Teacher want the last version. Please, i need urgently. Thanks so much. Carreira, Allan.

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Tue May 04 2021Reply from mscott89
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Just gonna tag along here, if anyone ever found this i would like it aswell.

The name is Marty, and i'm a smarty.

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Tue May 04 2021Reply from michael1234
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Hello Allan,

You can download from Internet just write exact (nsf-49-2016) please, write to me if you have-it.

Regards, Mihai.

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