Sat Oct 21 2017

Software Installation

I need to do the reinstallation of the system, but I do not have the cd. Can someone help me?
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Sat Oct 21 2017Reply from IAmShawky
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I can help u contact me in email

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Mon Oct 23 2017Reply from Jim Carr

You most likely need 3 CDs in total; the OS disk, application software and the COTS disk with drivers on it. You alsoneed a Backup of the system settings so you can restore the options and presets.


There are 6 versions currently supported on EnVisor: A.1.1, B.0, C.0.0, C.0.1, C.0.2, and C.1. You can contact AUE in the USA or the UK for help.

Jim Carr

Director of Service & International Operations


Toll Free (USA, Puerto Rico and Canada): 866-620-2831

USA office: 918-628-2831

UK office: +44 (0)1604 806446

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Tue Oct 24 2017Reply from salvo
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Penso di poterti aiutare , contattami sulla mia mail


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