Tue Nov 14 2017

RUT 9800 9900 OEC

can anyone send me the RUT program for the OECs Carms
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Tue Nov 14 2017Reply from MedWrenchMia
Steve Lorence

MedWrench is available to help people with specific questions and troubleshooting problems. Could you please be more specific with the issue that you are having with your instrument, and the MedWrench team will do their best to assist you in solving the issue. This will also help other community members who face similar challenges.

Mia DeBiase Sales & Marketing Assistant mia@medwrench.com

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Tue Nov 14 2017Reply from Rad Rays LLC
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Hello Steve and good luck in your quest.

We at Rad Rays do not sell or distribute proprietary software.

My suggestion to you is to buy a legal copy from GE.

However, if you need Technical Support or Parts you can rely on us.



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Wed Nov 15 2017Reply from Tomelgy
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The software is called 'Utility Suite'.

Access is via LAN cable or serial 9 pin 'D' type depending upon system version.

If you have a LAN socket you will have to program the IP when Utility Suite starts (must be on same subnet), it's not easy to explain all the tips to start accessing other than to say you must select the correct equipment type (Utility Suite), open then save FROM Workstation and/or Generator to file "backup".


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Wed Nov 15 2017Reply from ALDR LORA
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I might be able to help you out.






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