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Wed Dec 06 2017

not braking at foot

When we put on the brake, the head is secure, but the foot does not put the brake ring down on the wheels hard enough to keep the bed from moving. Thoughts?
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a day agoReply from BrokenSpudgers
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With these models I remember their being a change in the brake cam. Retrofit kits are sent with a metal cam, older ones have a plastic one that tends to fail. 

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Fri Dec 08 2017Reply from Joel63

I would replace the Gill Brake Plate assembly and the caster.  That usually does the trick.  Unless during your inspection you find something wrong with the brake ring assembly.  Hope that helps!

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Thu Dec 07 2017Reply from BrokenSpudgers
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Try the simple things first: Clean the surface of the wheels and brake ring; check again, improve?

-Are the wheels or brake ring worn? Remove base shroud screws and lift the shroud up and complete a visual inspection. An inspection mirror may be useful. Straps or bungee cords can help to hold shroud up and out of the way. Look for wear on the brake ring and caster wheel. 

-Consult the service manual via stryker tech web  .Using your serial number you can locate the correct manual. This manual has plenty of exploded view diagrams that may be helpful.

-Try calling stryker tech support for troubleshooting tips. There may be something you’ve overlooked. They are more than happy to help. 


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Thu Dec 07 2017Reply from MedWrenchMia

ALCO may be able to help!

Mia DeBiase
Sales & Marketing Assistant
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