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Wed Dec 06 2017

Analyzer stays on stand by mode

The CBC Analyzer is connected to the IPU (ver 00-30 built 34) via a linksys USB 2.0 /Ethernet adapter. IP address Sub mask : Gateway : DNS : & 241 The IPU is also connected to a Linksys router via a broadcom ethernet adapter. IP address Sub mask : Gateway : DNS : & 241 The router is connected to a centralization PC (to launch the analysis) How can I get the IP config of the analyzer. I tried ipconfig /all command on the IPU, but the pannel only shows the 2 ethernet adapter config installed on the IPU (both pings ok) When I switch on the analyzer at request of the PC, the red led of the analyzer remains on red and there is no reaction from it ? Does someone have an explanation for this ?
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Thu Dec 07 2017Reply from MedWrenchMia

MYCO may be able to help!

Mia DeBiase
Sales & Marketing Assistant
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