Sat Jan 13 2018

Error in ATL - HDI 3000

ATL monitor graphics displays an error and then nothing happens: "REPORT:: Display Only Error REPORT:: DISPLAY f 2d 1000013 0 To operate correctly, cycle power." It is worth mentioning that before this one there was another one message: "SYSTEM CPU MOP reported Ambiguous error during Bootup (1202-3102-0106-7FFFFFFF) Machine.UnclassifiedError" Has anyone idea what is going on?
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Wed Jan 24 2018Reply from MedWrenchManager

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Thu Feb 22 2018Reply from MOTSO
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IT's Can concern incompatible PCB board replaced. if you identifie the pcb, or the fail one pcb transducer on the system.

It's can be also a bug of software concerning probes interchanges.

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ATL - HDI 3000
by ATL

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