Sat Jan 13 2018

PACS configuration

How do you enter new PACS and worklist on Siemens Siremob ISO C? Have to do this. Have never seen the system. Thanks
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Sun Jan 14 2018Reply from Tomelgy
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I'm assuming you don't NOT have the ISO-C 3D version!

You should have a Dicom Bridge attached, you have to conencto to Dicom Bridge using PC Anywhere software program connected to Dicom Bridge via 9pin 'D' null cable. You can connect a Monitor & keyboard directly to Dicom Bridge & make changes but its a little tricky without mouse.

To configure is not easy to explain here, there are 3 files that need to be configured with relevant details, detail that the IT person would have provided like;

Local IP

Local AET

Destination IP

Desrination AET

Destination Port number 

There are two versiosn of Dicom Bridge, Windows 2000 & later Windows XP.

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Sun Jan 14 2018Reply from randy71

Thanks very much for the info Tomelgy.

This site is approx. 1.5 hours away and I’m trying to do prep work. Do you believe I may find these instructions in the Siemens service documentation?

Thanks again!

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Mon Jan 15 2018Reply from Tomelgy
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Hopefully, if the customer keeps them safe. or they are inside the monitor trolley.

Has the system been configured connected to PACS before?

I ask because the Dicom Bridge is an Option usually purchased at time of order!



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Mon Jan 15 2018Reply from randy71

Thanks for your help Tom.

The system has been connected to PACs before.

Our health system is changing PACs and worklist servers.


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Tue Jan 16 2018Reply from Tomelgy
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That will make things a little easier, you will be able to compare existing configuration with new data.

Just suggestion. Make copies on the existing files, copy & rename ***.old for example just in case things don'y go well.


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