Sun Feb 11 2018

Fuji Drypix 7000 Error - 09B0

Hello please can someone help me with the meaning and solution to the Fuji Drypix 7000 Error - 09B0 with details: FFFF. My email address is: Thanks so much
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Mon Feb 12 2018Reply from CMG
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This error means

Cold start TimeOut error

Check on plate if thermistor si not open, is a push buton over thermistor to reset it.

If palte is con short it will open again

This is on manual significance and probable remedy:

Average rise temperature of plate is less than 10°C even after 5 minutes after system start.
This error occurs due to incorrect DipSW setting of the MCT board or heater control failure caused by electrical malfunction, etc.

The plate temperature is low.
Incorrect DipSW setting of the MCT board, connector
malfunction, malfunction of the temperature detection thermistor,
disconnection of the heaters, disconnection of the cable
between the heater and power supply unit, reset of heater by
thermal protector, or malfunction of heater port of the MCT
1. Check that the DipSW settings of the MCT board are correct,
the heater connector and cable to the heater, and
connectors of the power supply unit and MCT board are set
correctly. Also check that the thermal protector reset has
been cleared.
2. Check the operations of each heater using the M-Utility.
Check the peripheral temperature of each heater with the
If hot, the heater is OK.
The thermistor/MCT board may be faulty. Proceed to step 4.
If not hot, the heater/MCT board may be faulty. Proceed to
step 3.
3. Replace the heater.
4. Replace the MCT board.
5. Replace the thermistor.
6. Replace the SNS board.
7. Replace the cable between the heater and power supply unit,
or the cable between the MCT board and power supply unit.
Incorrect software installation or malfunction of the MCT board.
1. Re-install the software.
2. Replace the MCT board.



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Tue Feb 13 2018Reply from engineerdantene
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Thanks so much.

Can you get me the service manual for the machine.

Also can you please help em with the complete service tool for the machine



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