Tue Feb 20 2018

KV over spec

Hi, normal my KV errors are corrected by greasing the candle sticks and doing a filament calibration. I now have a 9900 that is shooting up to 15 % higher KV on my meter( yes, Ive tried different meters) than what is selected on the system. The higher the kv the more the error. I have done complete generator calibration as well as try a new hv gen pcb. The tech support folks at OEC have recommended a tube and the other one said generator driver pcb. Thoughts?

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Tue Feb 20 2018Reply from emorgan
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If you have aluminum or copper in the field it can cause beam hardning and show as higher KV

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Mon Feb 26 2018Reply from MM - Porto
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I am not a specialist on the 9900 but I suggest to check KV feedback signal. Somewhere in the control there must be an adjustment of KV curve linearity.


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Mon Feb 26 2018Reply from Arthur


Maybe I can help if you send me an email. messick@holyname.org

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Mon Feb 26 2018Reply from ceshop
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perform the generator mA Null calibration this calibrates the feedback readings and the HVSR board which should address the KV issue. this is a falling load type system so if your mA feedback signals are not calibrated correctly the KV will refelect it.

mA low KV will be high

mA high KV will be low

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Wed Feb 28 2018Reply from Alex Wright
Alex Wright


The below companies may be able to help:


Denova Medical


Alexandra Wright MedWrench - Sales & Marketing Coordinator email me: awright@medwrench.com

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Thu Mar 08 2018Reply from Tomelgy
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A little obvious but have you checked the power supplies, particularly the +5V.

There are a of offset (nul) current adjustments worth checking.

If you set manual kV and start low are you getting +15% through out whole range of kV's?



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