Tue Mar 13 2018

manuale d'uso

Salve potete gentilmente inviarmi il manuale di assistenza dell'ecografo Mindray m7? grazie
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Tue Mar 13 2018Reply from Alex Wright


The service manual here may help you.

Alexandra Wright
MedWrench - Sales & Marketing Coordinator
email me: awright@medwrench.com
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Tue Mar 13 2018Reply from Jim Carr

Manuals are available for download from Mindray. For the USA, Mexico and Canada the website is https://www.mindraynorthamerica.com/operators-manuals/

Jim Carr

Director of Service & International Operations


Toll Free (USA, Puerto Rico and Canada): 866-620-2831

USA office: 918-628-2831

UK office: +44 (0)1604 806446

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Mindray - M7
by Mindray

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