Tue Mar 13 2018

GE CASE Stress machine

We had a surveyor come thru and tell us that we can't use the GE supplied web belt that the CASE Stress CAM-14 patient module has on it to hold the CAM-14 module around the patient's waist. Has anyone ever run into this problem ? Does anyone know of a solid plastic washable belt that could be used instead of the web belt ? Thanks Tim Penno Marshfield Clinic
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Tue Mar 13 2018Reply from Alex Wright
Alex Wright


Try contacting the companies below for assistance:

Integrity Biomedical

Pacific Medical


Sage Services

Southwestern Biomedical Electronics

Alexandra Wright MedWrench - Sales & Marketing Coordinator email me: awright@medwrench.com

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Tue Mar 13 2018Reply from AJ_Diaz
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We still use the belts that came with our CAM 14s & CAM HDs, which is the material-type belts. I don't know of any solid rubber belts that GE has, much less out in the market. We just had state surveyors come thru and they did not say anything about those.

Only reason I can think of is for infection control but as I said, it has never come up here.

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Fri Mar 16 2018Reply from Denova Medical
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Was this for infection control or a trip hazard? Are you using isotopes?

Photios Peter Dalamagas
Denova Medical Inc.
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