Fri Mar 30 2018

Expected battery life?

Would anyone have an idea as to how long the batteries should last for this table?
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Fri Mar 30 2018Reply from Alex Wright
Alex Wright

Try contacting STERIS directly for assistance!

Alexandra Wright MedWrench - Sales & Marketing Coordinator email me:

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Fri Mar 30 2018Reply from ErnestQ
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From two years to eight years, yes I've seen a two year old battery have a floot voltage below 10VDC and replaced a set with instal date was around eight years old. There're many variables that can affect the longevity of battery set. IMHO it depends on how often the customer discharges how many partial charge done. How many charge cycles the battery receives, how tight are the battery terminal nuts, are the Power Input Modules male pins showing signs of arcing, is the AC cord set not a OEM 90 degree plug, all these things can affect the life of the batteries. 

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Sun Apr 01 2018Reply from NorCalBiomedGuy
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I’m pretty sure the service manual suggests a 3 yr replacement on those. You can call 800-333-8828 and they will verify. 

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Tue Apr 03 2018Reply from Kara Crissman
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Dear Biomed Plus,

We came across your post about the AMSCO 3080 R Surgical Table. We have a dedicated Service Support team who can help. Please provide us with your preferred method of contact or call 1-800-333-8828 for assistance.


Kara Crissman
STERIS Corporation

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Thu Apr 05 2018Reply from JAYC
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We replace them every 2 years for good measure.

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Fri Apr 06 2018Reply from Cbet_Matt

That time schedule is my minimum.  But you need to check with steris to keep in line with CMS if your facility is heavily watched.


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