Fri Apr 13 2018

[539] IMT rotary valve communication problem

a new rotary valve home sensor was placed on the analyzer now error code [539] shows up. any ideas?
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Fri Apr 13 2018Reply from Alex Wright
Alex Wright

Hello! Check with MYCO to see if they can assist on this system!

Alexandra Wright MedWrench - Sales & Marketing Coordinator email me:

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Mon May 21 2018Reply from Irfanlab
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539, 542

“IMT Rotary Valve Sensor Problem or Valve Did Not Move”
Explanation Probable Causes Error Codes
The control system did not detect movement of the IMT rotary valve.
• Rotary valve sensor problem
• Rotary valve sensor PCB
539, 542
1. Press Reset. If the message reappears, continue with step 2.
2. The fuse for the IMT rotary valve may have blown. Its fuse LED indicator, 24-5B on Fuse Board B in the card
cage area, should be lit. If it is not lit, replace the fuse with a like fuse from the Accessory Spare Parts Kit.
3. Check the operation of the IMT rotary valve motor and sensor. To do this:
a. Go to the IMT Diagnostics screen.
b. Move the cursor to the IMT Rotary Valve line in the Motor portion of this screen, and then press
F2: TEST MTR ONLY. Check CR3C (Home) and CR3D (Pos) on motor control board #3 for LED
c. If the IMT Rotary Valve Connection field indicates FAIL, the IMT Rotary valve motor could be defective.
d. If the IMT Rotary Valve Home field indicates FAIL, or the numbers at the bottom of the screen are not within ±1, replace the IMT Rotary valve home sensor; but first check if the sensor connector, P/J184, is loose or unplugged. Refer to RxL System Diagram 751920, sheet 13 of 18.
4. Check rotary valve sensor board (766780) under baseplate for fluid spills or loose connections. Replace if necessary.

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