Sun Apr 15 2018

iu22 - probe not recognized (x5-1, L11-3)

Hi, I have IU22 G cart, i have borrowed form my friend ie33 2 probes (x5-1 and l11-3) both probes are not recognized by the system.. I was told by the seller of the machine that this is the latest ver of the IU22 and its fully compatible with xmatrix probes,, so can you help me if there is any other problem (software or hardware?) that might be responsible for that,.
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Mon Apr 16 2018Reply from Boscan
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What's the version of the software? If The IU22 have not a label with the word XMATRIX maybe is not compatible with the transducers. I am a Field Service Engineer from Philips.

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Mon Apr 16 2018Reply from MWImaging


The X5-1 and L11-3 will only run on the iE33 systems.  If you should need further assistance with your iU22 or have any other questions on compatibility issues with the probe and your iU22 system, please do not hesistate to reach out to MW Imaging at or 8778898223

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