Thu May 31 2018

troubleshooting starting

Cant get the monitor to start up despite changing the motherboard, sram card, checking powersource and connections. There appears to be a communication problem between the two parts.. any ideas?

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Fri Jun 01 2018Reply from oldxrayguy
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send me an email to

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Fri Jun 08 2018Reply from Alex Wright
Alex Wright

Although it is your choice to go offline with your discussion, we are sure that other MedWrench users would appreciate if you kept your discussion within the thread. This will help to keep a permanent record of the issue you are facing and how it was solved to help others in the community that may be facing a similar challenge.

We appreciate your participation and hope that the MedWrench forums will help you to solve your medical equipment issue.

Best regards,

The MedWrench Team

Alexandra Wright MedWrench - Sales & Marketing Coordinator email me:

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