Mon Jan 21 2019

Tec 7 Tec 6

What is the PM and Frequency of PM's for the Tec 6 and Tec 7

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Mon Jan 21 2019Reply from BrentS

The user manual will list the maintanence schedule. See a portion of what I pasted below from a Tec 7 manual: Complete details are on pages 5-1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 of my users reference manual 1175-0013-000


Maintenance intervals
Prior to performing any maintenance procedures or returning to a service center for
repairs, clean and disinfect the vaporizer.
Every two weeks:
When the agent is low, drain the contents of the vaporizer into an
appropriately marked container and discard the agent. For Halothane vaporizers
check the output of anesthetic agent periodically with an agent monitor. See note
The decomposition of Halothane causes the release of halides, which may corrode
metal components particularly in the presence of moisture. Also a preservative added
to Halothane by its manufacturers to impede decomposition can leave a residue,
which may cause vaporizer components to stick. If Halothane is used infrequently the
vaporizer should be drained after use.
Three years from
purchase date and
every six months
Planned safety inspections together with the anesthesia
system by qualified personnel.
Inspect and perform output concentration check.

Brent SilviusAnesthesia TechnicianBiomedical Sales and
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