Thu Jan 24 2019

Circuit board repairs

A couple of years ago i was contacted by a 3rd party thag repairs Aura power supplies, PCBs and other circuits. Now that AMS/ BS is no longer making the Aura I need to find a component level repair company. I dont have the info from the company that emailed me but I remember they were from the Southern E. Coast. Does anyone know who this company is? Thank You, M

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Thu Jan 24 2019Reply from Wayne-UML


I am not certain which company you are referring to, but we have some inventory, test beds, and schematics. I am fairly certain our engineers would be able to help you out.

Are there any specifics you would like to give?

Wayne Delgado
Senior Laser Engineer
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Tue Mar 29 2022Reply from Matt Laser Guy
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Yes we would need the LPS Lamp Power Supply's repaired.

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