Mon Jan 28 2019


Hello there! I need Service Manual and passwords for V20 system (for windows mode, admin mode, diagnostic, e.t.c.). Who can share them? My email is Thanks, all.

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Tue Jan 29 2019Reply from Hommy

Hi Korgan:

I sent you the information required to your email. I Hope its help.!



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Sun Feb 03 2019Reply from Hajooze

Hello guys


I need the passwords too, would please share it?


Thank you guys

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Sat Mar 30 2019Reply from Jcamacho
avatar placemark

Hello. I need service manual for accuvix v20. The touchpad does not work and does not show a corresponding video signal. gives the legend of secondary monitor not started. My email is thanks! 

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Medison - ACCUVIX V20
by Medison

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